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    "ContactsManager" is an application to export contacts from your phone.

    These contacts can come from the SIM card, the phone or Google account.

    It is possible to send contacts by email, sms, bluetooth, nfc, ...

    contacts can be sent in 3 formats:
          - text
          - Vcard format (several contacts in the vCard)
          - Zip format (contains several Vcard file)

    This application provides a "use" mode which allows you to send sms to multiple contacts easily on the phone.

    A final option proposes to delete contacts. This option provides a confirmation and it is even possible to protect removing mode by a password (the default password is "password").

    A menu allows you to configure several components:
          - Enable / disable password protection
          - Change the password
          - Import / not import contacts from google account
          - Choice the number of contacts to display per page
          - Choose the display style (combination name / first name / phone / email)
          - Choice sort type (alphabetical name / reverse / alphabetical name / inverted)

    This application is my first, it is free and it is a Beta version.

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