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    Contacts utility is a Free, Simple and effective android app which utilizes your phone contacts in an efficient way!,

    Access you contacts online in case mobile is lost or switch off

    Contacts Utility is the easiest way to backup and restore your contacts all from your phone without needing a computer or synchronization. You can backup or utilize all your contacts with a single touch. Also Contacts Utility is a quick and easy cross-platform solution to help you export and imports your contacts in Android device. Now you can transfer your contact between phones. Give yourself a secure Android backup and ensure you always have a quick accessible copy.

    One click utilizes your contacts for safe keeping. It allows:-
     Storage to SD-Card.
     Storage to excel-sheet.
     Send as email attachment.
     Send via Bluetooth.
     Import/Export Contacts.


    This Application contains 11 features to utilize your ph. Contacts list:

    1. Contact Analyzer
    2. Find Duplicate Contacts
    3. Contacts To Excel
    4. Email Contacts
    5. Mass Delete
    6. Send My Number
    7. Send Contacts Via Bluetooth
    8. Hide Contacts
    9. Unhide Contacts
    10.Export Contacts
    11.Import Contacts

    • In Contact Analyzer, You will get the Total no. of Contacts, Total no. of Duplicate Contacts and Total no. of Email id’s of your phone.

    • In Duplicate Contact, You will get a list of all the duplicate contacts i.e the contacts that are saved with different names but having same number.

    • In Contacts to Excel, You can create a copy of your contacts as an excel sheet which will get saved in your SD-card in downloads.

    • In Email Contacts, You can mail your contacts directly to any one you want to.

    • In Mass Delete, you can delete all/multiple your phone contacts directly at once.

    • In Send my number, you can send your mobile number directly by SMS.

    • In Send Contacts via Bluetooth, you can send a copy of your ph. Contact list via Bluetooth.

    • In Hide Contacts, on clicking on this feature, your contact list will get displayed; you can select the contacts you want to hide. Hiding contacts will temporarily delete the selected contacts from your contacts list. The hidden contacts will get saved in an App Database. Thus the contacts you have hided will not get displayed in your contact list.

    • In Unhide Contacts, you can unhide back the hidden contacts i.e. the contacts you have hided from your contact list. Thus on unhide the contacts get saved back in the contact list.

    • In Export Contacts feature, you can Export a copy of your contacts. You need to login to access this feature. If you are a new user, then you have to sign up first to export your contacts.

    • In Import Contacts feature, you can Import your contacts back into your contact list. To import contacts, you must have a user account create earlier and exported contact first.

    It's always safe to backup your contacts and send to your email before you do other operations on your phone (delete data or reset).

    If you lose your Android device, no need to worry for your contact numbers. your contacts are backed up on the Server, which can be retrieved at any time using your credentials.
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    Contacts Utility is not affiliated with My Contacts Backup, Contacts Analyzer 2, Contacts Backup Pro, Phone Book Contacts, Copy Contacts, Contacts Importer, Contacts Remover, Sim Contacts Manager and many more.

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