Convert degree Celsius to Fahrenheit or °F to °C

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    Convert degree Celsius to Fahrenheit or °F to °C

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    This application allows you to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.

    The symbol of Fahrenheit is °F
    The symbol of Celsius is °C

    The Fahrenheit scale is a temperature scale.
    The Celsius scale is another temperature scale used by the international system of units.

    This application is also a calculator, you can calculate before the conversion.

    The settings will give you the possibility to change the units names or units symboles as well as their formulas, it is also possible for you to change the format of numbers and the decimal places.

    How to use this application?

    It is quiet easy and convenient, you just need to enter a value for the unit a or b and then you will get instantly the result of the conversion from unit a to unit b or from unit b to unit a.

    Unit a can be Celsius units as well as other units, it's the same with unit b, indeed you can use this converter for any kind of conversions for other units.

    Instead of using Celsius units and Fahrenheit units you can use Fahrenheit units and Kelvin units for example if you know their formulas, but not only temperature conversions you can also use it as length conversion or other categories of units as long as you know very well their formulas and their names.

    The calculator is also quiet easy to use and you have 2 ways for getting the result of your calculation, you can either press the equal button or you can shake your device if you have enabled the shake me feature and the vibrating feature so that you can feel in your hands that it has taken in consideration your shake.

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