Converting Units Construction

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    Contains the most commonly used construction units (English and metric) including:
    length, area, volume, density, mass, pressure, speed, acceleration, energy and power
    & a decimal feet to feet & inches converter.

    Contains tables of helpful information:
    Common densities of aluminum, brick, concrete, fresh snow, etc
    Energy of common fuels like gasoline, ethanol, propane, natural gas, coal and wood;
    Rules of thumb for power including hints like one ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 Btu/hour, a person in a room adds about 250 Btu/hour and a Ford Pinto is 88 HP and uses 2 gallons of gas an hour.
    These apps our part of our mission at to help those in construction to learn and rise in this crazy world of construction. Please send us your ideas for apps, suggestions for new web content and follow our blog. It's Ned's fun and informative take on the construction industry.

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