Countdown Alarm




    This is a popular and free application.Beautiful clean,simple and reliale.
    Used by millions of people.
    Perfect for every timing situation,such as sports,games,work and of course cooking.

    Enabled setting units include hour,minute and second.If want to countdown the calendar, you need to look for another application,not this one.

    Set the time you want to count down and start the timer.
    At the top of the main interface,the counting down time is shown.
    Press the menu button and you could get some options to set in the preference.
    1.Set the timer alarm sound
    2.Select vibration on alarm
    3.Enable to blink on alarm
    4.Set the color of the LED
    5.Wake screen on alarm
    6.Set when will the alarm stops ringing

    Download this application and have a try.
    Please share it with your friends and give us some suggestion.