Counting Down Shock




    This app is a countdown timer, and it will alert you when the time is up. Enter into the countdown time and start it!

    Counting down alarm
    Sound and vibrate effects
    Colorful LED
    Pause, resume and cancel timer
    Running on the background
    Easy and simple to use
    Android system users only

    How to use Counting Down Shock?
    Open this app and you will find the blanks for you to input numbers
    Enter into hours, minutes and seconds
    Start the timer and the counting down is started, too
    It will alert you after the counting down.

    Press the menu button and you can open the setting of this app, clicking Preference.

    Timer alarm sound
    This is the ringtone for Counting Down Shock. The sound will play when the timer reaches zero.
    The ringtone here are the cell phone built in ringtones. In other words, you can use the cell phone ringtones as the sound effect of Counting Down Shock. It also allows you to preview the sound by clicking it. Pick the one you like.

    Vibrate on alarm
    This app supports the function of vibrate. Check to open this function and uncheck the box to turn it off.
    Your cell phone will vibrate when it is on.

    Set LED blink and color on Counting Down Shock.
    Check the box to use LED blink when you are using this app.
    Under it, there are some colors for this LED. 5 kinds of colors are provided, they are blue, green, red, yellow and magenta.

    Alarm timeout
    Sometimes you might not close the alarm in time, set the timeout here and it will be closed by itself.
    The timeout here uses minute as its unit. You can choose one minute or twenty minutes, they are the minimum and maximum value of alarm timeout. There are some other values can be selected, too. Welcome to check the detail.

    Other functions
    Wake screen when alarm is on
    Show a persistent status icon while Counting Down Shock is running

    1. This is a FREE app.
    2. Please give this app some support if you like it. You can contact us though email.

    Timer is a specialized type of clock which used for measuring time intervals.
    Countdown is a sequence of counting backward to indicate the seconds, days, or other time units that remaining before an event occurs or a deadline expires.

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