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    Test your CPU speed & performance with this simple but powerful tool. You can test your CPU with various methods using Java ALU/FPU, Native ALU/FPU or even custom Lua scripts.

    For educational purposes this app may also compare different methods and see relations between them.

    With this performance-testing tool you can test your phone(CPU) by:
    Java ALU - tests ALU performance using operations for integer numbers called from Java code.
    Java FPU - tests FPU performance using operations for floating-point numbers called from Java code (if phone has FPU).
    Native ALU - tests ALU speed using native code written in C instead of Java.
    Native FPU - tests FPU speed using native code written in C instead of Java (arm5-soft float, arm7- VFP).
    LuaJIT - tests general performance using FPU operations for numerical computations.
    LuaJIT - tests custom expression written in Lua.
    Compare - allows comparing all above methods.

    Please note:
    -> there is some overhead in calling Lua this way and LuaJIT in normal scenario is more performant).

    Simple but powerful tool for CPU speed test.
    Checks performance of different parts of CPU.
    Configurable test methods.
    Lua interpreter & JIT included.
    Results drawn as charts.

    How to:
    Just run app and choose first test (Java ALU) then click START and wait for result.

    If you want to configure test parameters set them before clicking START.

    May be easily ignored if you don't want to support this app.
    They appear on exit.

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