Crazy Morning Call(Warning)




    The most simple..
    The most powerful...
    The most cruel morning call!!!!!!!

    This is a very powerful and stressful App.
    If you get stressed too much,, please remove this app.

    ANGRY MISSION - Under the light more than 200 Lux for one minute the alarm will turn off.
    MAD MISSION - If you shake it from side to side the alarm will turn off.
    CRAZY MISSION - If you reach the other location on the GPS the alarm will stop.
    SOS Mission- It's real morning call.
    -Whatever you choose, When you answer a call the alarm will stop.
    -Your device must have a Light, GPS and Acceleration sensor with itself.
    - If you just let the alarm ring, it will stop in 20 minutes.

    Following the Google Play Privacy policy, I hereby declare the following :
    "Crazy Morning Call " is collecting the following personal information :

    1. what kind of information we collect
    - Telephone received status (READ_PHONE_STATE)
    - Camera flash(CAMERA)

    2. how we use your information

    - Telephone reception status(READ_PHONE_STATE)
    Stop the alarm when the phone is ringing.

    - Camera Information (CAMERA)
    When the alarm sounds, turn on the camera on the camera.

    3. this infomation only use -user
    Only the personal information collected is used on this app.
    No one is able to approach it in the ordinary way except for the user.
    this app don't store it(information) on either the SD card or the server.

    Final modification date : 2017-02-08

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