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    What sound wake you up in the morning? What a ring played when your wife/husband call you? What a sound remind you when your battery has been charged well? You may tired of the former one and what to change a new ringtone. Then you have to change them one by one. And if you what to adjust the sound size, you should enter different system to make them. All things seems troublesome. With Create Own Ringtone you can make them at one time. This is a free app used to set rings. It offer you more than 70 rings for you to choose, you need not search on internet any more. You can also choose music from SD card. Set them as your own ring as you like. If you think all sound made by others can not satisfy you, you can record your own voice as your special ring! What a great thing it is!

    ---Show you seven recommended ring on the opening page. Include three call ring, two alarm ring.
    ---Set call ring, alarm tone and notification ring in one app.
    ---Choose file from system, SD card.
    ---Record sound that you like. No matter the sound of yourself, or others, the sound of human or animals.
    ---Assign to contact. When the one call you, you can hear the ring you set for him/her.
    ---In system, there are six different kinds of sounds include heavy music, terror ring, fresh ring and so on. The number of file more than 70.
    ---Set the volume size.
    ---Set the mode in four choices. ring&vibrate, ring only, vibrate only or silent.

    I know that there are many ringtone apps on the internet. It is easy for you to download one such as free ringtone and mp3 ringtone as well as funny ringtone even android ringtone and so on. But it is difficult to find a good one.

    You must have hated to hear the tasteless ringtones of your mobile phone. Have you ever thought that you can set a ringtone which is your own voice? This is not a dream. You can realize it just with the help of Create Own Ringtone. When others hear the ringtone of your mobile phone is your own voice, you will feel proud. They may envy you.

    I find this is really a good ringtone app, so I recommend it to you. I hope it can help you and you will love it.
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