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    CVR (Call + Voice Recorder) is the best phone call recording app on Android. CVR lets you select various output formats and audio encodings for your recordings, to give you the best quality recordings. CVR is not just for phone calls. You can also use this app to record voice memos or any other audio at any time.

    NOTE: Due to the differences in the implementation of recording API on varying Android devices, call recording does not work on some devices. TRY CVR Call Recorder Free before you buy the Pro version.

    If call recordings do not work on first attempt, do not despair!!! Change "Audio Source (Calls)" in settings to either Voice uplink or Voice downlink if the default source (Microphone) does not work on your device. Some devices do not support call recording so no sources will work.

    There is an option to turn call recording on and off. CVR Call Recorder starts up automatically when you receive or make a phone call and records discretely in the background. You can turn off this feature to record calls when you choose to (on demand) by pushing the "REC" button. You can also specify the phone numbers for calls you want to record. Recordings can also be sent by email, bluetooth, over wifi, MMS, and more. See below for full list of features.

    ✮ Record all incoming and outgoing calls or choose specific phone numbers to record calls for.
    ✮ Automatic recording can be turned off so a user can choose to manually start or stop recordings during a call.
    ✮ Recording happens in background so the app does not have to be running to record.
    ✮ Add number to record calls from your contacts, call log or enter phone numbers manually.
    ✮ NO LIMIT on the length of recordings: Record a 1 minute call or a 2 hour lecture.
    ✮ Share your recordings by Facebook, Email, Messaging (MMS), Bluetooth and more.
    ✮ Saves recordings to external storage or SD card if available.
    ✮ Several audio recoding settings available including audio format and number of audio channels

    NOTE: Due to the differences in Android devices, not all features of this all will work on all devices. Phone call recording has been tested and works on most Samsung, HTC and Sony/Sony Ericsson devices. Voice recording should work on all Android devices with a microphone (all phones and most tablets). You might have to change audio recording settings to get phone calls to record correctly.If call recording does not work on your device, please do not rate this app down. Let us know which device you have, and we will try to make it work on your device.

    RECORD_AUDIO - This is the main feature of the app.
    READ_PHONE_STATE - Detect when there is an incoming phone call so recording can be started automatically if you choose.
    PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS - Used to start recording phone calls when calls are made.
    READ_CALL_LOG - Allows user to add phone numbers to record from the call log.
    READ_CONTACTS - Allows user to add phone number to record from their contact list.
    READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save recorded audio to external storage
    WAKE_LOCK - If recording is in progress and user hits the power button, keep recording in the background if the screen is turned off.
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save recorded audio to external storage.
    CHECK_LICENSE - Check app license.

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