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    A highly customizable timer application with a minimal interface that lets you keep track of all of your daily activities; exercising, cooking, working, and all the little things in between that you may want to time.

    It is flexible and allows you to time in cycles that repeat in order. So you don't need separate timers, and best of all, you can choose how the cycles behave and what they do at the end of each iteration.

    Would you like a notification when your cycle reaches its time limit? You can choose between audio and vibration alerts. The application will play the notification even if the phone is in sleep mode, so you can run the timer using only a minimal amount of battery power.

    You can also set up "warning tones" that beep 5-30 seconds before each cycle ends so you can crank out that last bit of power in your sprint, or come back to your kitchen in time.

    If you want to run it in stopwatch mode with an alert playing after each cycle, you can do that too. You can also choose to have the timer stop before each new cycle if you want, to allow for rest periods or to do other things that don't need timing.

    Each cycle also keeps track of all the times that you started and stopped the timer mid-cycle, and keeps track of total times for the cycle so you can have an accurate picture of exactly how long you spent on each one.

    This timer can replace all the speciality timers that you might need, including stopwatches, interval timers, cooking timers, pregnancy timers, and a whole lot of other ones. It is intuitive to use and has a lot of features built to minimize the amount of interaction needed to configure it. Just tap and go!

    For added convenience, there is a separate interface screen with large buttons and minimal amount of information that can provide you with the exact information you need at a glance while you're on the move. The large buttons allow you to hit the buttons easily.

    Please visit the website for additional information and more screenshots.

    Please send feedback via email if you are unhappy with the product before leaving a negative rating. I will try my best to accommodate requests. The app has not been formally designed unfortunately but that would be in the works if it is doing well.

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