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    Published: 2013-10-14, by Peter Warrior.

    A Japanese fantasy game

    • Forcecloses too often

    "Moonlit knight"

    Dark Knight is, well, a weird game. Hard to review, but harder to explain, and the odd translation from Japanese doesn't help as all.

    It's based on classical JRPGs, with anime design and basic stats (health, magic, experience points and gold) and a card-like game made with matrixes to play battles along slashing or timing minigames, everything set in a yet another standard Lodoss-like fantasy world. You must also interact with other characters and roam the kingdom to find shops and interesting places. Graphics are still, without animations at all, though they may be of your liking if you're into Japanese animation.

    However, whatever how interesting it might look like, it gets lost in a sea of forcecloses and otherwise severe technical bugs that make it nearly unplayable. We hope this critical issues get fixed in upcoming updates, because we can't recommend it till then.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 14, 2013


    Character of the Dark Knight story we will talk!
    This application has been released as a Lite version of The Dark Knight story.
    Has become more content to enjoy, female characters who can talk.
    Because I think the introduction of voice or the character and pros and cons, we conduct a survey within the app.
    All means, please tell us your opinion of everybody!
    In addition, various functions can as the name in the official version of the Lite version is not supported.
    That minute, because there is keeping the size of the application, please feel free to download.
    Please download the official version hope someone here will enjoy the app first, and interesting.
    Costume of the Dark Elves data can be transferred to the official version (dark dress White nurse) only two points.
    It does not send other data. Please note does not have to be inherited as well, such as level also.

    【Major Features of the Lite version】
    Introduction of voice to female characters
    Two points Dark Elf costume, can be transferred to the official version
    Delete billing application in Rewards
    Grant the initial value in the dark point 1000Dp
    Stop the progression Gacha area since the Battle Tower
    Change compensation of support functions

    If you have noticed about the point of application, please contact us
    The review of the market, Please understand you can not verify for timely and detailed response.
    For those who do not have permission to e-mail from the PC, please check your configuration does not reach the mail also.

    【Quoted from the official version of The Dark Knight story below】

    Thank you for waiting! The Dark Knight has released the full story!
    Could easily be an RPG, and dark shops in the beta battle system was
    I have been a variety of additional elements, please come out to play.
    In addition, because here is an RPG application evolves, we will continue conducting additional content at any time.
    When you update the market, and we recommend that you periodically.

    And everyone who played the beta, Thank you.
    please contact the following email address.
    The market review, please understand that the response can not be timely.

    Email Address:

    And everyone who played the beta, Thank you.
    There are in modest, based on data from the beta, so we set up to distribute such a jewel, please come to take over.

    Asmodian and human beings, rather than long ago
    Was continued around the hegemony of the ground fighting.
    And now, the tribe was to stand between the inferior.
    But the devil is in the depths of the castle, human beings had yet to show their "darkness" was present.
    It is after "Dark Knight" was called.
    What a savior of his or Asmodian?

    This application is an RPG-type search.
    You are a Dark Knight, was ordered to close the castle defeating Satan Heroes.

    Each area to explore, collect items and equipment, Protect your castle.

    Detailed instructions for the game [Help] Please refer to.

    ○ For Battle
    The level 3 and can take advantage of the battle system. Battle with the Dark Knight who enjoy the world.
    You may also be able to get the win bonuses and rare items.
    Battle and used once, and can not be used to battle Itadakanai open next hour, please proceed to polish the story strength.
    Jewel has a present location of the battle in one day.

    In the beta, we received reports by the terminal kill.
    We recommend that you play from the other will be terminated in such a task killer app. Crash cause a number of running other applications.
    We also performed it at any time debugging, please understand.

    So many requests for support submitted in English, English-speaking more to push forward at any time update.

    Application development is performed in Japan, the Japanese development team ※.

    Since our app no such thing as erotic porn adult content harmful virus, please enjoy with confidence.

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