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    Have you ever disturbed a crowd with your phone ringing in a meeting, class room, theater, library, or quiet public places? It happens because you forgot to turn off your phone ringer. Dark Silence can help you avoid the disturbance. By using the phone's proximity/light sensor or scheduled time, Dark Silence will determine when to vibrate or turn on sound. With the sensor, when it is covered for the period of time you specified, it will go silence (vibrate) and will turn on sound when it is not covered. With scheduled time, you control what time to vibrate or turn on sound. Because Dark Silence will auto switch your phone ringer between vibrate and normal mode, you will no longer worry about forgetting to turn the ringer off or on.

    After you made your selection, just close Dark Silence and it will behave as you requested.

    New feature added: Vibrate Now Normal Later. This feature is only available on a paid version.

    Coming soon features: 1) Option to turn the screen off or on at the same time silent mode is off or on, respectively. 2) Option to not turn silent mode on when phone is in use (screen is on).

    Ideal usage:

    1. When put into pocket, it automatically switches to silent (vibrate) mode and when left in the open, it switches to normal mode.

    2. When put face down, it goes silence and when flipped back, ringer goes back to normal.

    3. When place in the dark, it goes silence and when shine light on it, ringer goes back to normal.

    4. You decide when to turn ringer off or on by setting a vibrate and normal time.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Your feed back is appreciated.

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