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    Please note: This is not a game. It is a practice tool designed to help you improve your dart skills by playing against multiple real or simulated opponents in multiple game modes.

    - X01 mode
    - Cricket mode
    - Round The Clock mode
    - Multiple practice modes
    - Leagues
    - Knockout tournaments
    - Statistics/graphs
    - Create your own human and computer players
    - Teams

    X01 mode
    - Play a classic '01 game of darts.
    - Custom sets/legs/score up to 9999 (free version limits sets/legs/score options).
    - Statistics/graphs
    - Best of/first to set/leg options
    - Double in option
    - One touch score buttons - configure up to 9 one touch score buttons
    - Save and resume matches (unlimited)
    - Advanced statistics within game
    - Preview scores before committing, this allows you to enter scores to view outs without submitting the score

    - Cricket mode (the free version allows you to play 10 times but unlimited plays can be unlocked).
    - Statistics/graphs
    - In game MPR, high marks count

    Round The Clock
    - Round The Clock
    - Hit the given sequence in order or create your own (if purchased)

    Practice modes
    - Multiple practice modes (will always remain totally free and unrestricted) such as Bob's 27, the essential tool for practicing doubles.

    League mode
    - Compete in a league in a individual or team based competition. Each league will consist of a home and away game and uses the most common leagues format where a win is 2 points, a draw is 1 point and a loss is 0. The league is played in 1 set with a best of amount of legs. Free version allows 3 leagues or unlimited if purchased.

    Knockout mode
    Play with up to 32 players in one tournament and battle your way to the final and become the knockout champion!


    - Create teams with the ability to combine human and computer players
    - Each team and set of players have their own statistics.
    - Play team V team matches

    Advanced statistics and graphs

    - Bar graphs for high scores
    - Three dart average line graphs to help track your progress
    - Win/loss graphs
    - Graphs for every game mode
    - Compare statistics against an infinite number of players or teams by adding them to your selection and swiping between them

    Create human and computer players

    - Create human players (2 for free, unlimited if purchased)
    - Create computer players (if purchased) tweaking up to 6 different skill options to craft your perfect simulated opponent.
    - Add your created players to teams.

    Mix it up

    - Play on your own for practice, human versus human, human versus computer, 2 humans versus 2 computer players, 1 human verses 5 computer players - you can mix and match any match!

    Computer players of all skill levels

    - Unlock up to 9 computer players, ranging from novice to Master level (100+ three dart averages!). If 9 isn't enough, you can create your own!
    - 3 computers players for free


    - Create your own tournaments: You can create a series of opponents to play in any on match, for example: Your team (Team A) plays Team B. When Team B is defeated, you move on to Team C. When Team C is defeated you move on to Team D and so on. You can do this for a series of 1 on 1 or team matches!

    Ultimate realism

    Darts Master 2 is clever - just like on a real dart board when the computer misses it will intelligently generate a realistic miss.

    Each game mode has it's own artificial intelligence and no two games are the same.


    Straight from within the app you can provide me feedback, I'd love to hear from you and if you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know, I take everything on board!

    And yes, a computer can produce a 9 dart finish!

    Please email any suggestions/feedback to or visit for more information.

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