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    Are you a database administrator or SQL enthusiast? This application is for you! Now you can always have your databases near you on the go thanks to DataDroid!
    Quickly manage database connections, construct complex queries with help of easy-to-use SQL Builder and unleash the power of remote administration! Add database users, debug runtime errors, build stored procedures everywhere you go!

    Key features of application:
    - connection manager to easily manage multiple database connections
    - support connections over WiFi and 3G
    - support for MS SQL Server
    - SQL builder for quick construction of SQL queries
    - query results export to CSV

    Soon new database engines and features will be added! Do You have some idea about new feature for this application? Don't hesitate to contact me!

    Don't wait no more and install DataDroid today!

    *** This is a full, Ad-free version of DataDroid without any limitations ***

    Permissions explanation:
    - "control WiFi state" and "access Internet" are needed for the connection with database engines
    - "Read/Write SD Card" is needed for exporting the results to CSV files and loading/saving SQL queries

    Tags: SQL server, query, remote administration

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