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    This is the free, early access 'beta' release of the DataVizor app.

    DataVizor gives you insight and control over your remote Mitsubishi FX3 series process controllers.

    DataVizor is an easy to configure tool that allows you to monitor and control multiple remote Mitstubishi FX3 series (*) PLCs in real time, directly from your android mobile device over Wifi or VPN.

    Please make sure to read the 'getting started' section at:

    This Beta release supports Mitsubishi FX3 series(*) PLC controllers extended with a Mitsubishi(*) ethernet ('ENET') module, connected to an appropriatly secured wireless network.

    * Bi-directional operation; not only are you able to track parameter values in real time, you can also control parameter values from the DataVizor app, send directly to the controller.

    * No additional protocol conversion software required, your phone talks directly to your controller or PLC.

    * Map controller data to meaningful business parameters.

    * Organize parameters into views, each view visualizing a specific aspect of your business.

    * Configure parameter limits; parameters outside of their nominal operating range are automatically highlighted.

    * Configure multiple controllers / PLC's, parameters across multiple controllers can be aggregated in a single view.

    * Demo Mode: allows you to experiment and test views without having access to an actual controller.

    * Manage and monitor remote automated systems like a carwash or a solar energy installation.
    * Use as a remote control for home automation (domotics) projects.
    * ...

    Upcoming features:
    * Watchdog: this feature is not part of this beta release. Watchdog keeps an eye on parameter values even if the phone is in stand-by, it will notify you with a buzzer and a tone when a parameter value gets outside of it's nominal range.

    * More datatypes: currently only boolean and 16 bit signed integer types are supported, additional types like, unsigned integers, 32 and 64 bit integers, strings... will be supported later in the official releases (may depend on the controller profile).

    * Parameter value formatting: This will allow formatting of a value through a formatting expression supporting light arithmetic and number formatting.

    (*)Mitsubishi and 'FX3 series' are registered trademarks of Mitsubishi corporation.

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