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    Shows which parts of the world are in daylight, which are in twilight, and which are in darkness. The approximate positions of the sun and moon (projected on to the Earth) are also shown.

    Various locations around the world can be selected. Takes into account timezones to show the current time in the selected location and also estimates the sunrise and sunset time. The date, time and speed of the simulation can also be changed.

    The app also features an Android widget, which allows you put the map on your home screen. For users of Android 4.0+, the widget is resizeable.

    Note: The app now supports being moved to the SD Card. If you move the app to SD card, the widget will not be available. This is a limitation of the Android system. To use the widget, the app MUST be installed on your phone's internal storage.

    Now also allows you to explore alternative reality scenarios e.g. a change in the Earth's tilt (see "What If" section of Options menu).

    Making requests / reporting problems: Sometimes people give low star ratings because their particular location or timezone is not included in the default list. Please don't use the rating system to "punish", instead just email me!

    Upgrade to the Pro version is available. The pro version features:
    - no advertising
    - ability to define custom locations
    To upgrade, tap on the Info button, then the "Pro Upgrade" option.

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