Tired of missed calls? Tired of free apps that don't really work as well as they should or are hard to use? De-silencer is a simple, elegant solution that can ensure that you never again accidentally leave your phone on silent.

    With De-silencer installed on your Android phone, any time you silence your phone, or put it on vibration-only, you will be prompted to choose when you want normal ringer volume to be restored. With a single tap you can choose to restore the ringer in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. You can also specify an exact time of your choosing or to not restore the ringer at all.

    Developing applications that run on mobile phones may be a relatively new art, but the developers at Mind over Phone have been successfully writing commercial software for over twenty-five years! We not only know the importance of keeping software clean, simple an easy to use; we have the experience and skill to make sure it works right, all the time.

    We expect that you will find our software to be a cut above the rest, to always work as advertised and to be a true joy to use.

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