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    ******DeuterIDE 2.0 is here! Most if not all of the issues should be fixed in this update. Please consider editing your review if you feel that this is an improvement.******

    A mobile based programming text editor, online compiler, and integrated development environment built for Android. Complete with virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols, syntax highlighting, and support for over 40 programming languages, writing code on the go has never been easier.

    For a demonstration of the new syntax highlighter, download Deuterium Editor here:

    DeuterIDE takes its name from the anion of hydrogen-2 isotope deuterium, known as heavy hydrogen. You'll find, however, that there is nothing heavy at all about this fully functional editor. This application was made with one thing in mind – fulfilling the need of a lightweight, easy to use way to write code on the go. Applications just like this start with a flash of inspiration; with the mobile platform provided by DeuterIDE, you’ll be ready.

    DeuterIDE - [Li]ght platform, [H]eavy coding.

    No account required to compile and run. Ideal for use on tablets or other devices with large displays.
    Internet connection required. DeuterIDE only supports console programs, standard libraries, and std. input/output.

    Pre-Honeycomb devices will no longer be receiving official support past version 2.0.

    - Online source code compiler and run results for over 40 languages
    - Develop on this mobile IDE with syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, and bracket matching support
    - Open text files and use as default text editor
    - Facebook and Twitter integration to share code with your friends
    - Search and replace, undo and redo, jump to line, auto indent, copy and paste, and other editor functions
    - Virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols
    - History of compiled submissions
    - HTML previewing
    - User defined templates
    - Option to use your own ideone login

    Supported languages :
    Ada Compiler
    Assembler Compiler
    AWK Compiler
    Bash Compiler
    bc Compiler
    Brainfuck Compiler
    C Compiler
    C# Compiler
    C++ Compiler
    C++0x Compiler
    C99 strict Compiler
    CLIPS Compiler
    Clojure Compiler
    COBOL Compiler
    Common Lisp Compiler
    D Compiler
    Erlang Compiler
    F# Compiler
    Factor Compiler
    Falcon Compiler
    Forth Compiler
    Fortran Compiler
    Go Compiler
    Groovy Compiler
    Haskell Compiler
    Icon Compiler
    Intercal Compiler
    Java Compiler
    JavaScript Compiler
    Lua Compiler
    Nemerle Compiler
    Nice Compiler
    Nimrod Compiler
    Objective-C Compiler
    Ocaml Compiler
    Oz Compiler
    Pascal Compiler
    Perl Compiler
    PHP Compiler
    Pike Compiler
    Prolog Compiler
    Python Compiler
    R Compiler
    Ruby Compiler
    Scala Compiler
    Scheme Compiler
    Smalltalk Compiler
    SQL Compiler
    Tcl Compiler
    Unlambda Compiler
    Visual Basic .NET Compiler
    Whitespace Compiler

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