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    Device Monitor & Inspector helps you learn more about your Android device and operating system.
    Note: This free version contains ads. For an ad free version please go to the premium version:
    The app displays detailed and accurate information about operating system processes, CPU utilization,
    device storage, random access memory, battery statistics and information, installed apps,
    WiFi network information, internet connections, mobile network information, device hardware
    software and firmware information, sensors and more.
    The device and operating system information provided by the app is displayed in 8 screens as detailed below:
    System & Processes - Operating system boot time, CPU utilization (system mode, user mode and idle times),
    detailed information regarding operating system processes divided to apps including the total number of processes,
    total memory usage, CPU utilization and total number of threads. Here you can also kill background processes of a specific app.
    Storage & Memory - Device storage statistics, memory statistics (RAM) and detailed operating system memory management information.
    Battery - Battery charge level, health, charge status, power source, temperature, battery voltage and battery technology.
    Apps - Detailed information regarding apps installed on the device including total size, data usage, version, installation date,
    last update date and app permissions. Here you can also delete apps.
    Network - Internet connectivity state and type, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, WiFi network name, signal strength, link speed, MAC address,
    DNS, gateway, netmask and DHCP server, and detailed information regarding network connections including the app to which the connection
    belongs, the local IP address, the remote IP address and the connection state.
    Telephony - detailed telephony and mobile network information including telephony type (for example GSM or CDMA), subscriber ID
    (for example IMSI for GSM phones and MIN for CDMA phones), telephony software version,
    device ID (for example IMEI for GSM phones and MEID or ESN for CDMA phones), service provider, network operator, network type,
    (for example GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA) signal strength, service state (for example normal service and limited service),
    network selection type (automatic or manual), data network type (for example GPRS, HSPA+ and LTE) and data state (UL and DL traffic).
    Device - Detailed device information including device model, manufacturer, brand, hardware, screen resolution and density, CPU information
    (model, number of cores, speed, manufacturer, instruction set and features) and detailed sensors information including type, vendor,
    range, resolution, electric current and minimum delay between events.
    Software & Firmware - Android operating system version, Linux kernel version, GCC version, baseband version, bootloader, build ID
    and a list of device drivers installed on the operating system.
    In addition, you can use the app's battery and network widgets to stay up to date with the device's battery and network statistics.

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