Dew point warner

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    This app offers much more than merely calculate dew point and absolute moisture content out of air temperature and relative humidity. Dew point warner is able to receive the latest weather information for your location automatically and warn, if necessary, to open or close the windows and effectively help you to properly ventilate your rooms to reduce humidity!
    Furthermore, a simple calculator is included, with which you can quickly compare 3 pairs of temperature/humidity in terms of dew point and absolute moisture content of the air, without saving the values.

    Functions in detail:
    Monitor each number of rooms
    1 series of measurements for outside and one series for each room
    Instant indication of dew point and absolute humidity content at input
    Storing of the values, together with the current time
    Instant comparison to the external values when internal values are entered
    Automatic downloading of temperature / humidity for any location in definable intervals (1-6 hours); data from
    Warnings with the windows closed: if the external dew point falls below the dew point in the room and/or below a fixed value
    Warnings with the windows open: if the dew point outside exceeds the value of internal value and/or dew point exceeding the minimum internal temperature (condensation!); frost warning
    For all warnings fixed values or thresholds can be defined
    Warnings are defined separately for each room
    Alerts are shown in notification bar, with or without sound
    Alerts are triggered by automatic weather data reception, as well as by manual entries of outdoor values
    All entries can be provided with comments
    Dew point calculator for a quick comparison of three temperature/humidity measurement points

    Required app permissions:
    Coarse location: for single transmission of location coordinates to to set the region for the automatic reception of weather data; however, the choice is also possible via name search
    Network access: required to download the weather data

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