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    Digit Dial One allows you to dial single digits to call predefined phone numbers (speed dial). For example: try to call "1" and it will call "123456".

    There's no custom dial screen. Just dial the number as always, using the standard dial screen, and Digit Dial One will translate the number before making the actual call. You will see the real number being dialed in the standard call control screen.

    Digit Dial One is specially useful when using a bluetooth handsfree car kit. Press one digit in the car kit keyboard, press "call" and Digit Dial One will use the full preconfigured number instead. You don't need to touch the phone at all.


    In order to work, the app needs permission to process outgoing calls, read contacts (for easy number picking) and execute at startup (to start the processing since the begining). It will never call automatically without user consent and will never save a call history.


    In the main screen, just click on any row, fill in the phone number for that particular digit. Then press "Save". This version is limited to a single digit assignment. If you need more, you might be interested on trying the full Digit Dial version.

    On some phone models you can't use all the digits. For instance, I've found that in the Samsung Galaxy Pro the digit "1" is reserved for the voice mail.

    If you wish to disable Digit Dial One, just uninstall it.

    For questions or support requests, please contact me by email.

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