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    A digital countdown timer to add some urgency, excitement and drama to your life. Countdown to events that you have been looking forward to: wedding, graduation, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, or a vacation you have planned.

    Digital Countdown can also count UP from a date. You can see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds have transpired since you were born.

    ★ Shows days, hours, minutes and seconds
    ★ Recurring events
    ★ Customizable skins.
    ★ Choose your own background image! 2.13+)
    ★ Count Up!
    ★ 2x1 and 4x1 Widgets
    ★ 12 widget skins preloaded.
    ★ Supports multiple countdowns.
    ★ Low CPU/Battery usage.
    ★ Reminder alerts.
    ★ Custom alarm ringtones.
    ★ Share countdowns through SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, etc ...

    Adding Widgets for Android 3.x+ (Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean)
    1. Touch the All Apps icon on your Home screen.
    2. Touch Widgets tab at the top of the screen.
    3. From the main Widgets screen, you can
    4. Move between screens to find Final Countdown: Swipe left or right.
    5. Drag a countdown widget to a Home screen: Touch and hold the widget's icon, slide your finger where you want to place it, and lift your finger.
    6. Choose an event to activate widget.

    Adding Widgets for Android 1.x, 2.x (Gingerbread, Froyo)
    1. Long-click on an empty space of your home screen.
    2. Select Widgets from Add to Home screen.
    3. Select Final Countdown.
    4. Select an event from Events list.

    Deleting Events
    You can delete an event by going to Events tab and click the Edit button (pencil icon) on the top right corner. Then simply click on the Trash icon next to the event you want to delete.
    If widgets aren't listed, please make sure that the application is installed to internal storage.

    Events that appear to have one hour off are due to DST.

    Digital Countdown uses the local timezone of the device it is running on. This can be changed in the OS Settings.

    Task Killer/Task Manager apps can cause countdown widgets to freeze. If you have any of those installed, configure them to make an exception for Digital Countdown.

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