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    A Tool to encrypt or encode your data, which can either be text or binary.

    This application uses AES 256 bit encryption technique to do crypto work. AES is the best encryption algorithm available today.
    Supported Encoding Methods - Base2 (Binary), Base8 (Oct), Base16 (Hex), Base32 and Base64.

    1. Vault - To safeguard your data within your device. You can have any number of vault.
    2. Docrypt Drive - To store any number of Files or Folders securely. You can choose any number of Files and Folders at a time.
    3. File Encryption or Decryption - To encrypt or decrypt any file using a password. Useful in protecting files during the transfer.
    4. File Encoding or Decoding - To convert(encode) any file into texts. The output texts are portable and transparent. You can split and join them before converting(decoding) back to file.
    5. Text Encryption or Decryption - To encrypt or decrypt texts.
    6. Text Encoding or Decoding - To encode or decode texts.
    7. Clipboard Encryption - Encrypts clipboard text. Copy text - do encryption using a password - paste encrypted text. Copy encrypted text - decrypt using the same password - paste clear text.

    This is an Ad-supported version of Docrpt. For ad free version you can purchase Docrpty Pro from Google Play.

    This software is Open Source project hence nothing to hide, so you can have securely hidden everything you need.
    (as Open Source, this software is published under TSU - §740.13(e) encryption export license exception)

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    1. Do not modify the Docrypt folder content. Doing so will result in app crashes.

    2. While encrypting/encoding, File extension/type is preserved only by the name of the processed/output file. Don't forget the file name/type, if you do renaming.

    3. There is no limit set on application side. Hence you can process any size of text or file. The processing time depends on hardware, file/text size, etc.

    4. Though this application can process files in background, Android may kill the app in case of low memory situation. It is better to have the app run in foreground for processing lengthy files or make sure you have enough resources to run it.

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