Dog whistle : Free




    Whistle for training dog or puppy.
    First, select the frequency.
    Inaudible sound frequencies dogs and cats can hear only
    Play button is pressed, the frequency of the whistle is sounded.
    Once or several times, depending on the situation, trained by pressing the Play button will.
    Training methods, please see the site link below.
    The Taming of the dog trainer to use or is the sound of whistles and cat to tame.
    Dog Whistle (dog whistles) for training use only.
    Do not abuse it.

    * Dog Whistle
    A dog whistle is a kind of whistle.
    It is used in the training of dogs and cats.
    It emits sound in the ultrasonic range.
    Human cannot hear but dogs and cats can hear that sound.
    It was invented in 1876 by Francis Galton.

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