Dollar Key to Unlock




    This is a lock screen application, in which the key is a dollar. Save the dollar to the dollar bag and the screen is unlocked.

    Maneki-neko theme
    Save dollar to unlock screen
    Unlock screen
    Ringtone and vibration
    Easy and simple to use
    For android cell phones and tablets

    Introduction of Dollar Key to Unlock
    This app combines the elements of maneki-neko and dollar which should be together. It could be a perfect combination for both of them.
    Now, maneki-neko has the dollar. And we wish that you could have more and more dollars.

    Using method introduction
    Remember to enable this app in the settings when you want to lock/unlock screen though it.
    Ringtone and vibration helper
    This app supports the functions of ring and vibrate, they will work when the screen is unlocked. In other words, they can let you know that the cell phone screen is unlocked successfully by you. Maybe we can call it a kind of help.
    Anyway, this app is used to unlock screen. And it supports two ways to unlock screen, save dollar to unlock and long press the search button to unlock.
    The former is the basic unlocking way for this app, and the latter is a specific way to unlock screen provided by this app.

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    The maneki-neko is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman), usually made of ceramic in modern times, and it is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.
    The dollar is the name of the official currency or a banknote of many countries, territories and dependencies, such as Australia, Belize, Canada, Hong Kong, Namibia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei and the United States. Generally, one dollar means 100 cents.

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