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    If you play Dominion you will find this app very useful. You can use Dominion Companion to generate your game and you can send it out to the other people you are playing with. The app contains all editions of the game (except Guilds) along with every expansion and promotion card.

    To generate your deck you just need to select which base edition of the game you have and what expansions and promotion cards you want to use and it will randomly select 10 cards out of everything you enter. You can also view the cards after you generate a deck.

    Once you generate the deck you can now send it to your friends who also are using Dominion Companion by clicking on the Deck Code. Decks can be sent either through a text message or an email.

    You can also easily keep track of your Actions, Treasure and Victory points throughout the game with this app.

    * Generate Deck Randomly
    * Sort Deck by Cost or Alphabetically
    * Track your buys, treasure and victory points
    * Tablet Version Displays entire deck on the screen
    * Send Decks to your friends
    * Keep Screen on while you use the app

    Premium Version of the App Adds:
    * Manually Selecting Cards
    * Decks codes can be entered to recall a deck
    * Deck Options: No Attack Cards, Automatically add Reaction card when 2 or more Attack Cards are in the Deck.

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