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    Don't Touch My Droid!

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    Published: 2011-08-26, by .

    Don’t touch my droid activates a loud alarm if someone picks your phone

    • It works properly
    • Clear sound, even with background noise
    • High sensitivity
    • Layout could be improved
    • It needs a faster an easier way
    • Low-configurable

    "Thieves and gossips nightmare"

    Imagine the following situation: you’re in the subway daydreaming and someone rake your pocket aiming to rob your valued Android. Or, imagine this other situation, you let your Android on the living room table and your brother pick it up to snoops around your SMS.

    This kind of situations are over thanks to “Don’t touch my droid”. It uses the accelerometer, that’s it, the motion detector (very sensitive) to activate a loudly alarm that will let you know someone is trying to pick your phone without permission.

    The app is quite simple: you can set the alarm tone, there are 14 so far. Then you choose the sensitivity on a scale bar, as well as the volume. Then you press on “activate” and press the button “Home” to let it running in the background. When someone (or even you) will move the phone, the alarm will start ringing. That easy... and that useful to avoid robbery or intrusiveness.

    Don't Touch My Droid has been developed by Betterclicx Apps, an experienced developer who has launched lots of app on the market. Reliable.

    The layout could be improved, as well as the amount of alarm tones and customizing options. A faster and easier way to activate the app (like a widget) is needed. Besides this, the app does what it says properly. Recommendable.

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    Aug 26, 2011


    NEW Upgrade: Scare the living daylights out of anyone moving your Android without permission! Get notified by alarm whenever someone touches your Android device.

    Live YouTube video shows you how it works;
    Search for "dont touch my droid" on YouTube or copy and paste the URL below;

    Ever put your phone down, and had someone pick it up without you knowing? Now you'll know, right away. Very sensitive motion detector.

    App sets off a loud alarm (10 different alarms to choose from) whenever your phone is moved. Senses motion automatically.

    Settings for Alarm, Sensitivity, Activate, Deactivate and more. Choose from these alarms;

    Emergency Vehicle, Air Raid Siren, Klaxon Horn, Dive Horn, Gameshow Buzzer, Jeopardy, Flintstones, Railroad Bell, Car Alarm, Beep, Epic Fail, Yodel, Psycho, 007 James Bond and more!

    Worried about hotel security? Activate "Don't Move My Droid" app and place your Android against hotel room door. If anyone opens the door your Droid will move and alarm will sound, waking you up.

    Want to stop theft of your bag? Place your Android inside and alarm will sound if anyone moves your bag.

    Use anywhere you want extra security, or need to prevent theft of your stuff. Hundreds of other uses. 100% FREE. Download now!

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