Drag Down Locker




    Everyday the Google Play will have a lot of new softwares.
    The user can search for any application as they want.

    This software Drag Down Locker is a fun locker,not the traditional locker.
    It has very fresh interface and its operation is so easy that everyone can use it.

    First,launch the app.Enter into the app setting page.Enable the locker and vibration.
    Second,learn about our software in the option of About Software.
    Then,lock your screen.
    When you need to unlock the screen,you will see a totally new locker on the screen.
    Two icons can unlock the screen.One is message and the other is phone.
    As for which one to choose,base on your own need to go to different pages.
    Drag the whole picture down to the bottom to enter homepage.

    Additional Explanation
    Time,date and battery level indicator for quick viewing.
    Pretty interface.Two fishing inside the picture frame and two cloth for the two shortcuts.
    All the color choice takes the eye's comfort into consideration.
    Chinese style picture for your taste.
    Easy to uninstall.No need to go to setting to uncheck the admin.

    If you like it,please share it with your friends and family members.
    If you have any problems,please let us know.
    Please don't give us 1 star for this reason.