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    SOME LIMITATIONS WITH ANDROID KITKAT - 4.4 OR HIGHER: Encrytion only on internal storage!

    DroidCrypt - an intelligent and application-oriented file encryption tool.

    If you are looking for a file en- and decryption solution for your Android smartphone, so check out our new app! Encrypt or decrypt your files and directories. Furthermore, DroidCrypt allows you to view your encrypted files with your usual applications. If you mean password typing has served its time, just switch to our orientation-based alternative.

    Key features:
    * Recursive, fast and efficient en-/decryption of entire folders or individual files using AES
    * En-/Decryption of files on internal/external SD
    * Encrypts images / photos, videos, music, PDFs, documents or any content
    * Viewing contents of encrypted files as usual through standard apps, while DroidCrypt mediate between viewer app and encrypted file - the file remains encrypted afterwards, if desired
    * Receiving multiple tasks via external file manager or other applications such as Gallery by "Sent-to"
    * Resistance against data recovery tools by wipe of unencrypted files
    * Identification of relevant encrypted files based on chosen password, so any parent folders can be selected
    * Encryption in combination to a compression (optional) in order to save your memory
    * Automated securing that encrypted and not encrypted data are never present at once (and vice versa)
    * Orientation-based generation of a path as an additional alternative to passwords
    * Detailed visualization of encryption and decryption results
    * Comprehensive and effective data analysis, especially for detecting non-encrypted files
    * Best possible faile-safe encryption and decryption of files: your files are safe even in the case of Android OS crash during the en-/decryption process
    * Minimum requirements regarding Android permissions:
    *** Full version: Access to the SD card and permission to check the Android Market License
    *** Trial version: Access to the SD card and Internet access for inclusion of advertising contents
    * Available languages: English, German
    * Documentation
    * And much more ...

    Free file manager IO File Manager must be installed in order to enable comfortable folder/file selection.

    For these reasons, there was the conception of DroidCrypt based on an application orientation. This includes a higher assurance of the security and does not stop at the minmal permission requirements on Android level.

    Already encrypted files can be sent from external applications (e.g. file managers) to DroidCrypt for further distribution to respective applications. In this way, DroidCrypt takes a mediating role by ensuring that respective files remain encrypted.

    Alternatively to entering a password it is possible to draw a path within a matrix - either through direct interaction or by rotating the mobile device while holding a button at the same time (if orientation sensor is available). This reduces the risk of spying out the password through observers.

    DroidCrypt is available in two versions: DroidCrypt Trial and DroidCrypt. The trial version includes initially all the features offered by the full version. Nevertheless, the trial version differs from the full version as follows:

    - Limiting the full functionality after a maximum of 60 days (trial / test period)
    - Limiting the full functionality after 30.09.2012
    - Display of advertising contents

    After the trial period, the functionality is reduced only to the decryption of single files. This ensures that you will always be able to convert your data in an decrypted state.

    Are you satisfied? Look out for the full version.

    M.Sc. Arik Messerman,
    M.Sc. Tarik Mustafic

    encryption, decryption, security, confidentiality, data protection, AES, compression, usability, data analysis tool, applicability, privacy

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    Claudius Maximus

    by Claudius Maximus

    Aug 01, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Only allows decrypting

    wara kizi

    by wara kizi

    Jun 04, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Not bad App

    Geoff Henderson

    by Geoff Henderson

    May 25, 2014  |  "Poor"

    The trial version is permanently "expired" and the developer does not reply to emails. Therefore, not much use.

    Arun Gupta

    by Arun Gupta

    Aug 25, 2013  |  "Poor"

    First bug: If I encrypt a folder, any new files copied to the folder are not encrypted. I have to manually encrypt the folder again to encrypt the new files. The already encrypted files are ignored. This is not very good security. Second bug; I copied a picture to an encrypted folder. Before re-encrypting, I go to Gallery to view the picture thumbnail. The picture thumbnail is now cached. Even if

    axda diarrax

    by axda diarrax

    Jun 22, 2013  |  "Poor"

    I encrypted an important file with droidcrypt and decryption is failing.

    Jon Kare

    by Jon Kare

    Apr 21, 2013  |  "Poor"

    ... What a total utter pile of CRAP this is !!