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    Published: 2011-05-31, by .

    Droidlight LED Flashlight uses your camera LED and screen as a lantern

    • Works properly in the devices that supports it
    • Just one kind of bulb
    • Just one type of screenwidget
    • Drains battery-life
    • Just for Motorola devices: it should be compatible with others

    "The perfect tool to find your keys in the dark"

    Droidlight LED Flashlight is an app that adds a new functionality to our Android: it turns it into a lamp. It uses the LED camera to do it. So, it's useless for those devices with no camera flash (Samsung Galaxy S among others). It supports though a wide range of devices with camera led/flash: it works great on the Motorola Droid, DroidX, Droid2, DroidX2, Atrix and Milestone.

    Unlike other similar flashlight apps, this one only includes one screenwidget and one kind of bulb. It has to be said that the app works great, but we're missing some extra features or different kind of lights to give it a better rating.

    Droidlight LED Flashlight has been developed by Motorola Mobility, Inc. who has just launched flashlight apps on the market so far.

    So if you camera has a LED, you have one of the Motorola devices we've named above, and you don't have installed an app like this, you will probably find it useful. It isn't an original app, and probably there are other with more features, but this one does what it says properly.

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    May 31, 2011


    Droid Light is the perfect tool for finding your keys in the dark. The app uses the super bright camera LED, and it works great on the Motorola Droid, DroidX, Droid2, DroidX2, Droid Razr, Droid Bionic, Atrix and Milestone.

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