Dusk Style Locker




    If you are crazy about collecting different screen locker,you must have seen numerous screen locker.
    How about this one?This theme?This style?
    Feel this free locker and enjoy the new experience!!!

    How to Lock/Unlock:
    -Install the app to your phone
    -Enter the setting interface to activate the locker
    -Turn on/off sound and vibration as you want
    -While unlocking,drag the locker to different icons to unlock.

    The moment you enable the app, the locker will take effect instantly.There are 4 different icons on the unlocking interface.Drag the locker to one of them to unlock the screen.Of course,it will go to corresponding interface.
    Another point needed to mention is the unlocking background.The twilight,tree and river composes of a poetical scenery! You could not resist to tound it,feel it and smell it!

    Feature List:
    -Designed for android devices
    -No charge
    -Quick access to phone
    -Quick access to message
    -Quick access to camera
    -Scenery image as the background
    -Show time and date

    This app Dusk Style Locker is free for you!With such a beautiful background,how could you refuse it?
    Download it and have a try!
    Maybe you will love it!!!