e-doorman - Video surveillance app with remote alarming and management.

    The application "e-doorman" offers a simple and a budget-friendly solution for the control of entrances through the modern technology. It serves mainly for the assurance of a higher degree of safety and comfort in the flats, cars and similar spaces. It uses a tablet computer (a tablet) or a smartphone, installed in the secured place, and one or more smartphones with OS Android, that offer remote control. Tablet computer and mobile phones need also an access to the GSM network, and for some functions the tablet or the phone also needs wideband-internet connection.

    • detect movement in the secured space,
    • send SMS alarm,
    • send e-mail alarm with pictures,
    • store pictures to SD card,
    • remote administration via SMS (dedicated app)
    • multiple users,
    • events log,
    • power supply lost warning,
    • automatically respond to incoming calls (hear what is going on in real-time)
    • password protected
    • stealth mode
    • runs in background
    • automatic restart after system reboot

    Use for improving the safety:
    Before the user leaves the living space, he/she should turn on the surveillance mode with the tablet or phone. In this mode the system process the data from the video camera and an accelerometer, embedded in the home unit, and it tries to detect an unusual event, e.g., entrance of an unknown person or an attempt of breaking in. In the case of the detection of the unusual event, the system turns into the alarm state, in which it is saving the photos of the observed happening, and it notifies the user about the detected event through an e-mail or to the mobile phone. When the user receives an alarm, he/she should act appropriately (e.g., asking a neighbor to check, what is going on), the system also offers a voice communication with a tablet using a standard GSM call. When the user returns, he/she turns off the surveillance mode and sets the system into the sleep mode. In this mode the system does not perform the surveillance, and it offers review of the past alarms through the recordings and changing the user settings (telephone number for notifications, management of the passwords for turning on/off the surveillance mode, thresholds for changing alarms, time delays, etc.).

    Use for improving the comfort:
    Besides the functions for improving the safety, in all possible modes e-doorman offers to the user also the following functions for improving the comfort when using the door:
    1. Reply to SMS request: surveillance mode on/off, request the status of the system.
    2. Allow visual control of the state of the secured space, e.g., of the thermometer or the working central heating.
    3. Automatically accept the call from the selected phone number. (doesn't work on all devices)
    4. Check the previous events: entries/exits, surveillance mode on/off.
    5. Management of the user roles: adding, deleting and editing the users, passwords and telephone numbers (for notifications).

    This is beta version of application. Please note there may be some features missing or not working correctly yet. If you have suggestions or would like to propose a feature, please contact us over e-mail.
    Note: This is beta version of application. Because of this surveillance mode is limited to 2 consecutive hours.

    An extension for e-doorman application "e-doorman remote control", which allows to remotely control main device over sms messaging, is available here:

    Tested on:
    o Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (4.1 in 4.0)
    o Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 (3.3)
    o Freelander 7'' Tablet (4.0); doesn't automatically accept calls

    • INTECH-LES development center
    • Jožef Stefan Institute, Department of Intelligent systems
    • Elgoline
    • Kovinoplastika Lož

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