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    Earthquake Geo Survey is an application that can be used by earth-scientists and engineers during field surveys in order to report the earthquake-induced environmental effects.

    The app has been designed based on the EEE form, proposed by the INQUA TERPRO Focus Area on Paleoseismology and Active Tectonics, for reporting earthquake-induced deformations and processing the collected data at the end of a post-earthquake reconnaissance field survey. As an outcome, the earthquake environmental effects can be documented and the macroseismic intensity will be evaluated based on the Environmental Seismic Intensity-2007 (ESI-07) scale. The post-earthquake report can be exported as kmz file and consequently uploaded to GIS environment.

    • Surface ruptures

    • Slope failures

    • Liquefaction

    • Tsunamis

    • Hudrologic anomalies

    • Ground cracks

    • …other environmental effects

    Step-by-step guide to documenting EEE
    1. Enter author’s name

    2. Select New Earthquake for creating the kmz file where the collected data will be saved and then go back by clicking home

    3. Open the created kmz file and Select the tab effects for documenting the earthquake environmental effects

    4. Select add new effect and choose one of the effect types that are outlined at the effects list

    5. At the end of the interface of selected effect, click add effect for saving the information and then select effect list in order to go back

    6. Select add new effect for reporting a new earthquake-induced effect

    You can update a documented effect by selecting the relevant effectID at the effect list

    At the end of the post earthquake filed survey you can export the created kmz file by connecting the smarthpone/tablet via USB to a PC/Mac and copy/paste the earthquake file which is located in the folder EarthquakeGeoSurvey

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