Easy Alarm, Wake Up Guaranteed

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    Easy Alarm, Wake Up Guaranteed

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    Have trouble waking up in the morning? Hit the snooze button too much? Easy Alarm will help wake you up, guaranteed!

    Easy Alarm is very easy to use:
    1. Set a time for the alarm to go off
    2. Set a ringtone
    3. Click button ON
    4. Done!

    Once you hear the alarm ringtone, grab your phone, get out of bed and stand up, hold both of your thumbs on the marks then spin to the right, twice! Yes, spin to the right twice!

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    There are a lot of different models of phones and tablets. Please let us know, we will try to fix possible issues asap.

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    The Wet Bandits are small team from Los Angeles, Calif. We truly believe in providing a good user experience and want to share our apps with as many people as possible. We are currently working on developing additional apps, as well as extending the number of Android devices we support.

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