Easy Unlock




    Use this app to lock and unlock the cell phone is very easy. It is easy and simple to use, but not easy and simple to the inside functions.

    Usage instructions:
    *Open this app in its main interface
    *Drag the whole picture down to unlock screen
    *Or you can drag the shortcuts down to unlock screen and open that program
    *Close wifi and Bluetooth in the locked screen

    Something more about the Easy Unlock
    This app is very easy to use, and that¡¯s why it named Easy Unlock. But its functions are not as easy as its usage.
    You might have known how easy it is in using though the usage instructions, but it has some advanced functions. For example, you can turn off wifi and Bluetooth in the locked screen by clicking their icons, if you have opened them in your cell phone.
    In the locked screen, there is a photo of two fish, this photo has two tabs, and they are shortcuts for phone and messages. You can unlock screen and open the certain program by dragging down either of the tabs to the wavy line above the time display.
    However, you can drag down the whole picture just to unlock the screen without opening the other programs at same time.
    And welcome to use the vibration effect in this app.

    Now you have known this app very well, why not try it out? If you like it, please spend some seconds to give it five stars. Thank you!