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    Most people download wonderful music file and then enjoy them with the mp3 music player on your android mobile phone. And you may also set one of them as your call ringtone. But the files you download are created by others and although they are beautiful, they has no reflection of yourself. As a unparalleled people in the word, how could you have the same call ring with others? Now let's created the ringtone belongs to ourselves! Editor of Ring Music will be your best choice! You can use it to record the voice of yourself and even voice of others and animals! As long as you love them, you can record all of them down. Then you can choose one from the record file and set as tones. In addition to record, you can also edit the song you download. As we all know, the common music has over 3 minutes but if you what to set a alarm ring, you need not too long music. Then you can use this app to edit it. Set a start and end time and then you can take the part out from a whole song! What a great thing it is!

    Compared with common ringtone app which only support mp3 audio format, Editor of Ring Music support to set mp3, ogg, amr music file as your ringtones. As long as there are file with this three format, you can set them as your tones. We also offer you more than 50 ringtones in app system, you can choose one as tones. If you what to know it better, you can have a audition first.

    There must be somebody special for you in life time, when she/he call you, you must what to know him as soon as possible! With this app, you can make a special ringtone for him/her. As a result, when the contact phone you, you can know it is him/her calling instead of others!

    1.Set alarm tone, call ringtone and notification tone at one app.
    2.You can also set the volume size of different ringtones. You can also set the multimedia volume!
    3.You may need a quiet situation, then you can set the profile mode to silent or vibrate...
    4.Edit a whole song and take part from it.
    5.You can record the ringtone as you like.
    6.It support many music format: MP3, OGG and AMR...
    7.We offer you 50+ ringtones in app system and they distribute in 6 types.
    8.You can choose file from SD card and when choosing, you can see all file in SD card.
    9.Have any question? Send me email or make comments with ABOUT button. It can take you to Google Play page!

    With this app, you can get rid of single ring and record your own ring. You can choose file from system or SD card. Image the beautiful music wake you up instead of boring voice, What a lovely thing it is! When the who special for you cal you, it is a ring only belongs to him/her.
    This app will take you a good mood and make your ring setting more simple. What are you waiting, download it with 0 money!
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