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    New NFC enabled smart phones can wirelessly read credit card information from new RFID enabled credit cards!

    You've probably seen Identity Stronghold demonstrate on your local or national news channel how easy it is for thieves to steal your credit card information with a wireless scanner without even touching you. Over 200+ million cards have now issued with RFID. Maybe you have wondered if your credit cards and debit cards are susceptible? Find out with this app!

    This app will not help thieves steal. This app only shows part of your account number as a precaution. But it is enough for you to know if your card can be scanned by thieves. We have crippled this app to not reveal the entire account number for consumer protection.

    If your credit card does not contain RFID the app will just remain on "place phone on card" screen. This does not mean the app is not working just that your card does not have a radio chip in it yet. Please don't rate poorly for this reason as the app can only tell you when it finds and RFID chip, not when it doesn't. Thank you.

    Not all credit cards and debit cards contain radio chips yet. Look for a WiFi type radio symbol on your card. If you have that symbol, your card DOES contain an RFID chip. Also each major card issuer has a different trademark so they may not always use the WiFi symbol.

    The phones currently with NFC have a very short read range. Much shorter than the equipment thieves would use. So to test your card, set it on a non-metal table and with our app running set your phone on top of the card. It will take about 1-3 seconds to scan and show the end of your card number. If it does not detect your card, try moving removing the phone and setting it down on a different spot on the card. If it continues to not detect your card after two or three tries, your card likely doesn't have the new RFID chip embedded yet. But in the next 2 to 3 years most cards worldwide will be replaced with these new RFID versions, so you will have to watch your new cards when they come in.

    This app will also detect some other RFID chips such as transit payment cards but not all RFID chips, as some operate on a different frequency. Particularly this app won't analyze state drivers' licenses, passport cards etc. It was primarily designed for credit and debit cards.

    We have tested the app with US and Canadian credit and debit cards and a United Kingdom credit card. If you have a card from another country that you know has an RFID chip in it and it doesn't scan please email us and let us know what kind of card and which bank so we can see if they have a different format.

    There may be a few credit cards that transmit a different card number than the one on the front of your card. Identity Stronghold has tested a few of these type cards and we were still able to complete purchases with that different number.

    What does this all mean? Simply this. If you have one of these cards in your wallet or purse where someone in a crowd can get near your card, there is a chance that person could scan your credit and debit card info and steal from you.

    It is up to you to protect yourself since the problem will only get worse as more of these new cards are issued. Identity Stronghold makes lots of different RFID blocking products to protect you such as shielded wallets, sleeves, and badge holders. The button on the screen that says "Protect Your Card" links you directly to the Identity Stronghold website where you can watch various news reports , read up on the technology and see the different products we offer for your protection.

    Please show your friends as uninformed means unprotected....and the risk is as high as your credit limit...

    This app was tested and works on Samsung Nexus S phones.

    Many more NFC phones will be released shortly.

    RFID = Radio Frequency Identification
    NFC = Near Field Communications

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