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    This is a demo version of the Electronix Lox app.
    The demo limits the apps you can choose from to Gallery, Internet, Browser, Maps, Music, Video. This will allow you to experience the smooth locking features of the full version. In the full version you will be able to select any app on your phone

    check out a video of how to setup the paid version -

    Electronix Lox Demo will allow you to select apps described above on your android device, based on your timeout settings, the app would then require a password to allow the user to launch it.

    Key Features:
    -no ads
    -no frivolous permissions needed
    -automatically will lock Settings, Google Play Store if at least one app has been selected to be locked
    -App doesn't need access to accounts
    -Select from Gallery, Internet, Browser, Maps, Music, Video; if they are installed on your phone
    -Set a numeric pin that is needed to unlock the app before use
    -Set timeout length. This will determine how long between the selected locked apps not being used for the program to require the pin.
    -Turning screen off and on will enable the lock
    -Phone boot will enable lock
    -If at least one app is selected for locking, Electronix Lox Demo, Play Store and Settings are automatically locked.
    -Apps launched from Lock Screen or the notification bar will also get caught
    -we don't rename files or move them, therefore uninstall of app will not risk loss of files

    If you ever forget your pin, contact us and mention the version you're on

    If you like the demo, be sure to purchase the full version

    System Tools - retrieve running apps, make app always run, run at start up

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