Encryption Screen Lock




    Secure your Android devices and keep privacy from others with password! This free app Encryption Screen Lock here is not only a screen locker but also a privacy protector.

    Enable sound effect and vibrate effect after unlocking
    Quick switch to this screen lock
    Totally free for Android mobiles and tablets
    Simple and beautiful UI and background
    Supports to lock the screen and protect your privacy

    This Encryption Screen Lock is a screen locker and a privacy protector.
    1. Are you fed up with traditional Android screen lock way? Do you want to use a password to lock and unlock your screen here?
    2. This Encryption Screen Lock supports to unlock the screen with correct password here.
    3. Just set a password in setting and the default password is empty.
    1. Do you want to keep your privacy in your Android devices? Have you ever been troubled in secrets in your Android?
    2. This Encryption Screen Lock supports to keep your privacy with password.
    3. Just encrypt your Android devices with password here.

    1. Set a password in settings to be your screen unlock password and privacy protect password.
    2. You can enable sound and vibrate effects as you wish in settings, tool.
    3. Just activate this screen locker to run for us.
    4. When the screen turns off automatically or manually, we should press POWER key to turn the screen on.
    5. In locked screen, we can get date, time, day of week and locker here.
    6. Click the locker and input correct password to unlock the screen.
    7. If there is any wrong input, clear button can clear your inputs here.

    Come to download this all-in-one screen locker here. it can lock the screen and the Android devices. Say goodbye to old screen locker and try out this Encryption Screen Lock now.

    In cryptography, encryption might be the process of encoding messages in such a way that eavesdroppers or hackers cannot read it, but that authorized parties could.

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