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    Quickly and easily encrypt, send, and decrypt any text.

    Encrypt any text, messages and private information from interception or prying eyes.

    This easy to use application will encrypt any text using AES-256 encryption (the same encryption standard used by the military and Government to secure classified information).

    You simply enter a password to encrypt your information. No one will be able to read your personal information without this password.

    There are also handy shortcuts so you can quickly copy, email, or SMS your encrypted text, making it ideal for sending messages across non-secure networks like the internet or SMS.

    You can even post encrypted messages in public places like on Facebook or other websites. Because the data is password protected, only the people you share the password with can read your message.

    Encrypt any text or personal information you like. There are no limits on the length of the text or the password!

    This App is Ideal for encrypting secret romantic messages, business correspondence, confidential information, intellectual property, passwords, pin numbers, or any other sensitive or private information.

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