English Japanese Input Method




    This app is a simple input method for android cell phones and tablets, which supports both English and Japanese, so does the common symbols.

    Support English and Japanese
    Common symbols
    Sound and vibration effects
    Number of search term items
    Easy and simple to use
    For android system only

    Settings of English Japanese Input Method
    The main interface of this app is the setting interface.
    Tone and vibrate
    They are for sound and vibration effects of this app, check to open them, the status are shown under them, too.
    Which kind of language you used most often, English or Japanese? Check to set the Japanese as the default language for this input method, uncheck to choose English as the default one.
    Search term items
    The range here is from 10 least to 100 most, choose your one!

    Using method of this app
    Please remember to turn on this app in the cell phone settings before you want to use this app. And then you can choose it when you changing the input method.
    It has the sound and vibration effects if you have opened them in the settings, otherwise, it is a kind of quiet keyboard. You will hear the sound of typing when you are using this app to write down something if the sound is opened.
    Click to switch between English and Japanese. And we hope that it is a helpful app for you.
    Symbols are supported in this app, too. Long click some of them, and they will surprise you. Come on and have a try!

    If you like this app, please give some support. Thank you!

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    This app is totally free .
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    Leaving 5 stars or a good comment
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    Input method is an operating system component or program which allows any data, such as keyboard strokes or mouse movements, to be received as input. In this way, you can enter characters and symbols not found on their input devices.
    Although originally coined for Chinese, Japanese and Korean computing, input method is now sometimes used generically to refer to a program to support the input of any language. For example, in the X Window System, the facility to allow the input of Latin characters with diacritics is also called an input method.

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