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    Event Timestamper is an application to record when things happen, for later analysis in another application on a computer. Totals per day can also be seen in the app, for things like tracking how many cigarettes you smoke per day.

    The set of events are shown as buttons, which can be customized.

    Events are logged in a CSV on the SD card, in /EventTimer, with one CSV for each day.

    The format of the CSV is:
    {Time in RFC3339 or ISO 8601 format},{Java time},{Episode number},{Event}

    RFC3339 is Date, Time and time zone, for example "2011-12-25T08:30:00-07:00"
    Java time is milliseconds since January 1, 1970 UTC, or unix time * 1000.
    Episode number is the number of times that the first button has been pressed, to be able to tie "episodes" together
    Finally, the event is the specific button that was pressed.

    The summary shows the number of times each event occurred, per day. If the list gets too long, remove some of the old CSV files from the /EventTimer directory on the SD card.

    Tags: java rfc3339 unixtime , rfc 3339 date java

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