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    'EventPlus' detects various events happened on your device, and changes some settings of your Android device with Scene Switch by the specified plan.
    As event plans, you can make plans that scene you want to change when an event happens on the device.
    If the event happens on your device, the app changes the specified scene with Scene Switch. The Scene Switch has automatic scene change function by timer schedule. Plus with the EventPlus app, automatic scene change function by events is available.

    For example, you can use the app for such following purposes.
    ・Make a scene to start the music player and adjust the volume. And then make an event plan to switch to the scene if 'Headset is plugged in' event happens. You simply plug in the headset plug, the music player will be started up automatically in the volume has been adjusted.
    ・Make a scene to turn off the silent mode. And then make an event plan to switch to the scene if 'the phone is ringing' event from a specified phone number happens. Even if your device is in silent mode, it is possible to cancel the silent mode automatically and play a ringtone sound when an incoming call from the specified phone number is coming.
    ・Make a scene to adjust screen-time-out time, brightness, etc for power saving. And then make an event plan to switch to the scene if 'the battery level is less than the specified value' event happens.
    The device will be power saving mode automatically when the battery level is getting low.
    And more...

    (1) The happening events vary depending on the model of Android devices. Some events may not happen on some devices. You can see what event happens on your screen if the 'Event check mode' of 'Settings' is turned on.
    (2) When an app dealing with media button events like music player app has been installed, the EventPlus app may not be able to catch the media button events.
    (3) The app must have Scene Switch version 2.3.2 or higher to change the scene. If the app has not been installed, you can not change the scene by events. But you can use the EventPlus as events notification app if you set notification ringtone or vibrate.

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