Events Manager Pro




    This is a powerful and functional application.
    With the help of this application,you could set the alarm,message reminding mode,wallpaper,etc.
    There is no need to search for them one by one.
    All the common used applications is displayed here already.

    When you get into the application,it will guide you to click the menu button to add.
    Follow the instruction and click the menu button.
    Select new button and a group of events will come up.

    +++++++++++Operations under Conditions++++++++++++
    1.Click the Alarm and it will expand.
    Here you could reset the start time and date.
    And finish time and date could also be set.

    2.Similarly,press the Google Calendar.After it is expanded, select the finish time and date.

    3.Choose the mode of message reminding.
    There are four modes available for you,including silent mode,vibration mode,air mode and normal.

    +++++++++++Operations under Events++++++++++++++++++++

    1.Shut down

    2.Adjust the mode for the phone.There are three modes here for users,including Silent mode,Vibration mode and Air mode.

    Here it provides Toast,Notification and Dialog for us.

    You could also change the wallpaper here.
    Choose an image from the gallery or others.

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    I'd be appreciated that if you could recommend it to your friends and family.
    Feel free to contact us.