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    *** ExtIOMethod beta for Windows is released! See update to get the file.
    *** You can find the Windows application from below link;

    ExtIOMethod is the tool that can make/save text memo, can send/receive the file/text data to another Android device via bluetooth, and also has simple filer functionality.
    Others, can compress folder/file and can open the file with other application that can process it. This tool let you use the files/information between multiple applications/devices efficiently, this is my aim to develop it.

    Please help me to develop this tool, feel free to send me the bug report, request, and so on, please:)

    Functional description;

    You add the files/folders in SD card, and long-tap these. You can do the following operations;

    -Open file
    You can open the selected file with other application. (You may not open the file if you don't have the application that can open it.)

    -Compress zip
    You can compress the file or folder by zip.

    -Send file
    You can send the files to your bluetooth pair. If you want to send multiple files, you can zip the folder then send it.
    If your device receive the file from bluetooth pair, the tool will save it into the folder; SD card/ExtIOMethod/ReceivedData/date-format-folder-name.(ex. 20120930)
    All received data are stored into it.

    -Text reading
    Read text files into text editor.

    -Delete file
    You can delete file.

    You can type title and contents, and then, save as text data in the SD Card/ExtIOMethod/Document/date-format-folder-name. ToDO, diary/simple memo, and others, it may be your great idea, you can save it without dropping it at the daily work:)

    o Menu command and how to use it

    -[Select file/folder]
    Use this and you can select the file/folder.
    If you see the last letter is /, it is folder. If you tap folder, you can see the folder contents. If you do long-tap, you can select the folder, and the folder is added in the Entries list.
    You can add the file into Entries list, if you do tap/long tap it.
    You want back to upper folder, tap "../" on the top of the list.
    Tap Cancel to show the main screen.

    -[Select Picture]
    You can select picture file with Gallery, and add it into Entries list.

    -[Change mode]
    You can change the connection mode, Android device or PC. You need reboot the application to apply the changing.
    Note: The application running on PC is under developing.

    -[More]-[Save favorite list]/[Load favorite list]
    You can save a list condition for favorite list. You can restore your favorite information sources into Entries list.

    -[Connect a device]/[Make discoverable]
    This is the command for connecting via bluetooth. You should configure bruetooth pair first.
    You should do [Make discoverable] to discoverable it from another device. Then you can do [Connect a device] from the pair device. Follow the Android's directions for create bluetooth pair. If devices are connecting, you can see the pair name on the right side of title bar.

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