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    This calculator performs basic time calculations using AM / PM notation. It takes three values as input: Start Time, Elapsed Time, and Finish Time. You provide any two of those values and the app computes the remaining one. It operates on a 12-hour clock, so you specify AM or PM for the start and/or finish time and the app determines AM or PM as necessary in the result. The calculated row is highlighted to indicate which computation was done.

    A simple tap on one of the time field labels (Start, Elapsed, or Finish) clears the contents of the associated row of values, making it easy to change a value and recompute quickly. A menu option allows you to show or hide the seconds field to match your personal computing needs (just hours and minutes, or hours, minutes, and seconds).

    Need to know how long you worked, or what time to start dinner? This app can compute the answer in no time at all! Auto-tabbing between fields, intelligent validations, and the ability to quickly re-compute after changing values makes the operation clean, fast, and simple.

    Please note that this app is not designed to compute a split time between two stopwatch times. It expects a valid number of hours (1-12) in the start and/or finish time fields, and does not include a field for fractional seconds like you would find on a stopwatch. It's purpose is to help people with actual clock time using AM/PM notation.

    Please email me with feedback, issues, questions, or enhancement requests at

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