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    A fan of pocket to help you tackle the summer heat. Practical and simple to use.

    A fan is a device used to convert mechanical energy of rotation, applied on their axes, in increased air pressure. It was invented in the USA (United States) in 1882, the American Schuyler S. Wheeler.

    This apparatus may be of different types, depending on the direction of air flow in relation to the ventilated environment: exhausters or blowers.

    There are basically two types of fans, the choice basically depends on the application: the axial and centrifugal.

    Fans can be in different sizes and shapes and can be fixed in the soil on the wall or ceiling. Usually also used as a decorative object tracking often chandeliers and lamps.

    Residential use
    Usually the fans are used in homes to reduce heat from the environment and increase air circulation. Its function is to drive the air from one point to another and its use is indispensable in summer or in environments with little or no natural air circulation.

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