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    Is your phone connected to your Femtocell? Are you on 2G or 3G?

    Most cell phones are unable to indicate when they are on the Femtocell. This app widget provides this missing indication for GSM and UMTS phones.

    Femtocells are small personal cellular mobile base stations installed in homes and connected to your broadband connection to improve your indoor cell phone coverage.

    The app has NO internet connection and NO ads. Your privacy is guaranteed.

    Note: this is a 'Widget' that you add to your phone's Home Screen after the App is installed.


    The large very easy to read Home Screen Widget quickly shows if you are connected to a 2G, 3G or Femtocell basestation.

    Some operators provide cheap (or even free calls) if they are made using your Femtocell. This widget will show you BEFORE you make that call if you currently connected to the Femtocell.

    Find the best place to put your Femtocell. Use your phone to check the extent of the Femtocell coverage in your home.

    (more features in the PRO version)

    Features of this free 'Lite' version include:

    - Only works for 2G GSM or 3G UMTS phones
    - works for Android OS 1.6 and later
    - No impact to battery life
    - Large easy to read widget
    - battery status is displayed
    - Shows basestation information such as 2G, 3G,
    Femtocell or Airplane mode
    - Shows basic radio cell identity information
    including Cell Id, LAC
    - Notification icon which changes to show
    2G, 3G or Femtocell even when widget
    is not visible
    - Shows radio cell type including GPRS, EDGE,
    - Option to vibrate when widget updated
    - Customisable LAC range for Femtocell detection
    - Detects 3G Femtocells

    Limitations of this demo version include:
    - some settings are not saved
    - widget refresh period fixed at 5 secs
    - limited logging
    - does not make use of new features in Android OS 2.x and later


    Adds additional benefits:

    - log files are larger and can be saved as text file
    - Continuous logging supported
    - using OS 2.x features
    - additional settings and menus

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