File Encrypt+ (Encryption App)

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    File Encrypt+ is an application which can be used to encrypt and decrypt any files of any size.

    Main features:
    1. Encrypt/Decrypt any file using AES with 128 bit key.
    2. On-the-fly viewing of encrypted & normal media files.
    3. Text encryption for sending via Email, SMS or any chat programs.
    4. File Sharing (download, upload & play) with other devices including PC.
    5. Option to hide file while encrypting them. Hidden encrypted file will be visible in this app.
    6. Option to encrypt / decrypt all the files in a folder (long press the folder). The same key will be used on files in the folder for this operation. Files in sub-folders will also be processed.

    File Sharing using WIFI
    This supports sharing files with outer devices having this app or with PC using WIFI. The app can either connect to other device(client-mode) or other device can connect to this(Server-mode).
    Long press on "Remote device" in the directory list to set the address of the remote device.
    It shows the files and folders of the remote device. You can either upload/download any file from the other device or directly play the media files (audio, video and images).
    File Share server can be started by selecting "File Share Server" from the menu and then press "Start Server". The server will be stopped when you exit this app.
    You can configure the share and the download directory.
    The PC version can be downloaded from the below URL.

    On-the-fly Decryption of Media files:
    It supports directly viewing of encrypted media files (video, audio and picture) by decrypting it on-the-fly while viewing!
    In this mode, it does NOT store the decrypted file anywhere. Hence you don't need to manually decrypt the file every time before viewing. This feature guarantees that the file is never available in the storage media in decrypted format.
    The on-the-fly decryption feature is provided as trial for 45days. For full version install "File Encrypt+".

    Global Key:
    The Global key can be enabled using "Global Key Setup" from menu. When Global Key is enabled, you need to supply a password. Once Global Key is enabled, password verification is enforced during App start-up. When Global Key is enabled, the global key will be used while encrypting or decrypting the file.

    Text Messages Encryption/Decryption:
    This feature can be used for encrypting and sending text messages via email, SMS or any chat programs. The Key to be used should be pre-decided between both the parties. The message to be send will be encrypted using the specified key and copied to the clipboard. This can then be pasted in the required App to send.
    Similarly, the encrypted messages received should be copied from the receiving App and pasted in this App, the message will be decrypted and shown to the user.

    For trial version please install "File Encrypt"

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